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15 Years of Experience

Acústica Integrada was born in the city of Cali in 2008; founded by Alexander Rivera Yépez and his brother Carlos Rivera Yépez. It arises from the need to offer professional services in acoustic conditioning and noise control, based on a professional and ethical approach; taking advantage of the fact that in the city there were few proposals of this type. Initially products were created with their own designs focused on recording studios, churches, discotheques, auditoriums, among others.

In 2010, the notoriety of the company increased, partly due to the recognition of important entities in the public and private sector, which allowed the company to access customers in the industrial and corporate sector, meeting occupational health, environmental and acoustic comfort requirements. Between 2010 and 2015, the production line was strengthened, the presence in the market was expanded and the professional growth of the collaborators was boosted. By 2016, the production plant was expanded, becoming a company recognized regionally and nationally.

Currently there has been a leap in quality in the production processes driven by the department of innovation and development, in which tests are performed with specialized instrumentation and laboratories, highlighting the semi-anechoic chamber built in the facilities of ACÚSTICA INTEGRADA, being one of the few that currently exist in the country. This search for continuous improvement has allowed us to broaden the offer of products and services in areas such as furniture, theater mechanics, lighting, among others.


We develop measurement services, design and manufacture of architectural and industrial acoustic solutions with high quality standards for noise control and acoustic conditioning, seeking the improvement of organizations and society, within a framework of respect and dignity of people.


By the year 2023 we will become a national and Latin American reference in design and manufacture of acoustic solutions, seeking to be the leading and innovative company in bioclimatic and lighting, contributing to sustainable development, being recognized for our efficiency, quality and innovation in the provision of our services.

Corporate Values

→ Respect

→ Responsibility

→ Honesty

→ Sincerity

→ Teamwork

→ Tolerance

→ Clear and honest communication

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